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img of michelle at lanikai beach kailua oahu


We all have our favorite places in our old stomping grounds.  There are many beaches that I go to, depending on where what part of the island I will be in that day, but there are 4 beaches that I especially love.  I am writing this post with the trust that people who visit the beautiful island of Hawai’i will respect the nature and the endangered wild life that reside here.  Please do not litter or throw your gross cigarette butts in the water or leave it in the sand.  If you must drink beer, please take the bottles with you.  simply put, don’t be a jerk and share the planet we have with love and respect.


img of hunakai beach

taken with my iphone. no filter not edited

Hunakai is a little stretch of beach that is located in a residential neighborhood of Kahala in Honolulu. There is what is called a “public rights-of-way”. This is basically a little  walk way placed in between private properties that leads to a beach open to the public. Hunakai beach is a rocky and reefy beach, but there are no big waves and is great for meeting weird sea creatures.  There are loads of sea cucumbers, shrimps and eels if you take your snorkeling and swim out a little further.

img of fishing wall at hunakai beach oahuScreen Shot 2015-02-14 at 12.54.07 AM

You’ll see many spear fishers on this beach and there is even a little wall you can walk out to the ocean.  be careful, though.  it’s slippery with algae covering the surface so I recommend that you wear water shoes with some grip.


img of lanikai beach in kailua oahu

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Lanikai is the most beautiful beach I have ever been to, and the reason why I am such a “beach snob” according to Si.  On a sunny day, the water is the brightest shade of turquoise blue, the super fine white sand literally glitters under the sun.  I always carry baby powder to get the sand off my feet, but it doesn’t work on the sand from Lanikai because it’s so fine.  It’s that serious.  There are no lifeguards, restrooms or showers on this beach.  For those amenities with the same beautiful waters, you can go to Kailua Beach Park which is just a couple minutes drive away.


img of michelle yamada at sandy beach oahu

Sandy beach is also known as “break-neck” beach.  The shore breaks that break right at the shore makes it an excellent place to body board and body surf, but please PLEASE do not attempt your first time at this fun pastime at this beach.  Sandy beach is known for having strong rip currents so do not try to go for a little swim (or even a dip!) unless you feel very confident as a swimmer.

img of sandy beach in oahuimg of sandy beach in oahu


img of michelle's secret beach

oh boy… I’m going to annoy you with this one. This beach is probably the only secret beach I have left for myself. And as much as I would love to share the name of the tranquil beach, I can’t. You might be thinking, then why even mention it? Because. I think this beach is worth sharing so that people might understand why I feel so strongly about protecting the natural habitat of wild life, and maybe, hopefully, others will grow the same sentiment.

img of lex the turtle

This is Lex. he is an endangered Hawaiian sea turtle.  He comes to this beach to eat, rest and chill out in the sun.  Unfortunately, there are not many places Lex can go to do his favorite pastimes on Oahu because tourists like to come by the bus loads, touch him and  shove cameras in his face.  I mean really, how many of us would like some random stranger touching our arms and taking our pictures while we sunbathe without our consent?  (Our encounter with Lex was accidental.. he was swimming in the cove we were hanging out on and kept swimming closer and closer toward us.  We are guilty of throwing some seaweed to watch him eat it up.  We decided to leave the cove once we swam away from us a bit and did our best to avoid disturbing him when we were walking back to the shore.  This picture is a screenshot from our video taken with a Gopro on an extender stick.)  

img of my secret beach

One thing that never gets old for me even if I’ve seen it a hundred times is turtles swimming in the ocean, without a care in the world, coming up for air with no worries of danger.  Hawai’i, despite all of the high rises blocking the ocean views, commercial developments, the trash scattered on the beaches and the general apathy toward environmental issues, is a wonderful place worth visiting.  I can only hope that the we can preserve the beauty of Hawai’i for the future generations to enjoy.

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