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I went on a 4 day eating adventure in Barcelona with a friend and it was glorious~! Except that my beautiful Leica camera got stolen out of my check in luggage at the Barcelona airport….. I blame myself, though, because seriously… who checks in an expensive camera in their check-in luggage?!? Ugh… I should not have packed so late at night after drinking cava ALL DAY. I should have bought the Panasonic instead of the Leica. Simon warned me that I’m asking to be robbed by buying an iconic camera with the little red dot (you jinxed me, Babe!!!!). Anyway, I apologize about the absence of quality photos and lackluster posts on this beautiful Catalonian city… I usually always take pictures of menus with my camera so I remember where and what I ate but since my camera, as well as all the photos in the SD card, is no longer in my possession, I will have to do with the pictures I took on my Samsung Galaxy and the good ol’, not so reliable, memory *taps skull*. Oh well! I’ll just have to go back to Barcelona just so I can take pictures again.

Cometa Pla

This was the first dinner we had and my favorite place. The food is fantastic, seafood is fresh, wine is cheap and the staff are super friendly. They offer a limited menu of small plates but everything they do, they do SO WELL. The octopus was grilled to perfection and the best I’ve EVER had, the tuna tartar was fresh, the vegetable ceviche was nicely pickled with just the right amount of tartness, and we ordered a tomato salad and grilled onion with some type of foam but I can’t recall what it was called. I really need to start taking notes of what I order at restaurants because by I forgot what the dishes are called and that’s not very helpful, is it? This hidden gem in the dark and narrow alleyways of the Gothic Quarters is perfect when you want a light and healthy meal (and the best octopus ever).

La Plassohla


I’m including this restaurant since we went, but I do NOT recommend it. All the food sounds good on the menu and the presentation is beautiful, but the food is blah. Everything was either over done or waaaaaay too salty.   We started with the oysters and that was like taking a shot of just straight ocean water. The octopus and squid was SO chewy, it was like eating a salty rubber band. The fatty tuna belly was cooked (this is my bad… when I see fatty tuna, my brain automatically goes to raw Toro sushi/sashimi. I’ve never had cooked tuna belly before and it was so greasy and fishy!) The anchovies were standard, but that comes from a can so I would hope they don’t mess that up. The only thing I liked was the cod with the potato “sausage” but the cod was raw and salty so we only ate the potato that was under it.

I know the pictures look good, but trust me. Don’t waste your euros here.

Restaurant Barceloneta

I normally stay away from eateries near the main stretch of “touristy” areas but this place was recommended by a friend with pretty good taste in food so we gave it a go.   The presentation of the food won’t wow you but the freshness of the seafood they offer will. I really loved that they kept the seasoning very simple by using just balsamic vinegars, olive oil, light spices and salt. Nothing was prepared to overwhelm your palette, and the focus was definitely on the main ingredients of the dish, which I always appreciate when it comes to seafood. Freshness doesn’t need any other seasoning! And I finally got to try a black botifarra, which is a traditional Catalonian sausage with pork and pork blood, and yes, it was delicious. I know eating sausages with blood sound icky, but you don’t even taste what you would imagine blood to taste like. Just try a bite and wash it down with a glass of Cava! When in Catalonia, you eat like a Catalan.

Okay… there was a place where we ate Paella, but again, the pictures are on my stolen Leica and of course I don’t remember what the restaurant was called. I am not even going to bother spending the time to look for it, because you don’t go to Barcelona for Paella. Don’t get me wrong, it was good, but there are so many good restaurants that specialize in local fares. I suggest that you skip the paella and the sangrias when in Barcelona.

There are three places I would love to go to the next time I visit Barcelona that I didn’t have the opportunity to go this time around.

Cerveseria Catalana in Carrer De Mallorca

Topik Restaurant in Calle de Valencia

Restaurant Etapes in Carrer Enric Granados

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