Things to Eat in Barcelona : Part II :: SPAIN

Brunch and Cake

 Ugh… I am not going to lie… We were both super hung over from the all nighter we pulled at some crazy nightclub when we met at this breakfast/brunch joint. The pictures don’t do the pretty food justice but I’m pretty sure I was still seeing lasers and strobe lights so I couldn’t even focus on taking a decent picture. And don’t even ask me what I ordered. I just read the menu they offered and point to something and said “esta por favor… y mimosa y café”. Hair of the dog, am I right?

I don’t know what I ate but I will say that everything was delicious. The portions are HUGE for what we paid. The buns were fresh and topped with seeds and the presentation was just gorgeous. There are a few different locations but from what I hear, there is always a line during peak lunch hours. It’s worth the wait, though.


Alsur Café

This was our favorite breakfast/lunch place during our trip. In fact, I met my Barcelona traveling companion for lunch today and we were STILL talking about the glazed donut breakfast sandwich we had there. What’s so funny for me and my friend is that we seem to always pick the same thing on the menu to eat. Even today, we looked at the menu and picked the same thing! At Alsur Café, we both chose the donut sandwich with bacon and eggs but then we decided last minute to try the waffle breakfast sandwich and spilt it. They also had a really great choice of loose leaf teas, which was perfect because I seriously LOVE a good cup of hot green tea in the afternoons, and luck would have it that they had Sencha, one of my favorites!

Neither the donut or the waffle was too sugary and the balance between the salty bacon and sweetness from the dough was perfection. I’m going to try making this at home for Simon because I don’t think he should wait to go to Barcelona to eat it.


Hammock Juiced Station

We both love fresh green juices and we decided to reset our tummies and went to Hammock, a cute little shop that does cold press and fresh squeezed juices. We were too hung over to sit in the hammocks but there were plenty of stationery seats around so if hammocks aren’t your thing, you can still enjoy the place. And the staff there were SO NICE. I swear, friendly service just makes such a difference to me. I mean, there are some places where the food is THAT good where you’ll go despite the bad service you may get (I’m talking to you, Asian restaurants!) but the experience of being greeted with a smile and approachable attitudes will make me order more things than I wanted to when I first walk in. Case in point… we came here for just for a juice and I ordered a bowl of oatmeal. Friendly wait staff just makes me really really hungry. Want to me order dessert? Be nice to me and I probably will no matter how full I am!



Nomad Coffee

I love a good cup of coffee and I always research where I can get a cup whenever I travel. I came across Nomad Coffee in the interwebs and read amazing reviews on the quality of their coffee beans. I wanted to get my Mom a bag of their coffee beans because Mom got herself a nice espresso machine, like a legit one, unlike the Nespresso I use at home. The docor was so Nordic, which I have been obsessed with ever since my trip to Iceland last year.

They ONLY have coffee, though. No fresh croissants or baked goods, but the coffee is definitely worth the visit.

satan-coffeeSatan’s Coffee Co.

This no f*cks given coffee shop was on my list due to the close proximity from my hotel and, of course, hearing that they use yummy coffee beans. The décor of the shop itself is beautiful… lots of green viney potted plants, raw wood benches, colorful cushions and an array of fresh pastries are everything that makes a coffee shop feel inviting. But reading their menu will make you laugh which is something coffee shops don’t normally strive to do.


Faborit Café

This café offers fresh juices, a salad bar, soups and sandwiches. It is also a part of the famous Casa Batlló . Ok, so it can’t be THAT famous because I had NO idea what that is. We came to eat here because we wanted some juice and a fresh salad and upon exiting, my friend was like, “oh~! This is the Gaudí building!” And I was like, “Is it, though? I mean, it’s not THAT gaudy…” She looked at me and just laughed saying, “NO! Gaudí, as in the artist, Antoni Gaudí!” Anyway, back to Faborit… They have so many choices and options for both sandwiches and custom salads. I don’t normally talk about how much things cost (maybe I should start.. I’ll start making note of costs for your information!) but it was really cheap! The dining area (first come, first seat) was clean and their outdoor seating is spacious.


Black Lab Pub

We stopped at Black Lab Pub on a cold rainy day to have a glass of wine and a snack. We just ordered fries and steamed vegetarian dumplings. They also carry a large selection of craft beers on tap and many bar foods to choose from.


I would love to say that it doesn’t matter which sidewalk café you choose to have a glass of wine and a snack, but that simply isn’t true. There are plenty of cafés and restaurants with mediocre food and tourist trap prices. I generally do A LOT of research on where to eat before every trip but also leave some room for spontaneous eating white exploring the city on foot, Sure, there will be always a few places that you try on a whim and leave feeling disappointed, and there are also places that will blow your socks off. Stay adventurous, my friends!

scorpio-bar-barcelona** We made a lot of stops along our walks through the city to have little bites to eat here and there but either I didn’t make a note of these places and the pictures were in my Leica, which you should know by now, was stolen at the airport. **

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