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image of menu at hofninAre you the type of a person that always cheers for the underdog?  Then Höfnin is the place for you in Reykjavik.  Höfnin serves up traditional Icelandic dishes (but no whale on the menu! yay!) and I don’t know what traditional Icelandic food is supposed to taste like, but if it’s what Höfnin is serving, then I am in love!

Simon decided to get the 5 course menu which included:

“Icelandic cured lamb fillet and smoked lamb tartar with horseradish cream, pickled pearl onion, crispy rye bread and dill-radish salsa”


“Shellfish soup with langoustine, mussels, scallops, fennel and whipped cream”


 “Grilled spotted wolffish, scallops, potatopurré, Parma ham slow cooked tomatoes, sitrusdressing and sea grass”



“Beef tenderloin Bearnaise, fried mushrooms served with home made fries, carrot purre, onion and tomato salad”


 and for dessert: “Chocolate cake, white chocolate mousse, raspberry pistacio crumble estragon and licorice ice cream”



I ordered the “mussels steamed in beer, three sauces; herb, garlic and mustard, french fries” and “Artich charr, pan fried, roasted tiger prawns, cauliflower purré, bacon chips, potatoe purré, date- and cauliflower dressing”. Both were delicious!  Iceland has the best cooked seafood I have ever had (the fish markets in Korea wins the raw fish a.k.a. sashimi round).  


And what is up with the mussels in Iceland?  They make those served in the US taste like beef jerky in comparison.  Anyway, if you ever find your way to Iceland, make sure you stop by Höfnin for a truly delightful meal.  BTW.. they are right by the harbor so the view is really pretty.  Ask for a table near a window if possible.


image of outdoor area for hofnin

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