It’s a Beautiful Day in Hawai’i Nei : 11.09.16

There is nothing like waking up in your old bedroom with the sound of birds chirping away on a tree branch 2 feet away from your window~! I don’t know whether I miss it or not, though. For the last 12 years, I have been living in large cities enclosed within concrete walls and with all the windows shut so hearing the birds outside was never really an option. I have to use ear plugs to sleep when I am back home in Hawai’I because I am so used to the SILENCE and the low hum of central air/heating…


I’ve been here for a full day and Mom and I are already neck deep in our Wedding-To-Do list. We decided to go to Ben Franklin’s (a large arts and craft store) to try to pick up some stuff for the wedding décor. I haven’t quite figured out how to have the table numbers set up prior to going to the store but when we were walking around the store, Mom saw these mini easels and 3×3 inch canvases so we decided on that (picture was taken on the day of the wedding by Isle Media. Mom wrote the Mr & Mrs. Didn’t it turn out super cute?) On the way back, we stopped by Leonard’s Bakery to pick up some malasadas. Mom is so full of treats when I come home! *seeing hearts*

She and I have been talking about the succulent centerpieces that she is going to make herself all morning so I went out into our backyard to see how they are doing. She has been diligently growing them for the last 6 months so that we would have enough to make centerpieces for 10 tables. She learned how to grow them from leaves and had tiny little babies everywhere! She’s always been really great at gardening and taking care of her orchids (she had so many before a rainstorm flooded our backyard a few years ago).  If you are reading this, I love you, Mommy~! You are the BEST!

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