I Love NY : 02.09.2015

img of a rainy new york city

Wind. Rain. Hail. *sigh*. Gotta love NY winters. At least I have my dogs to cuddle with for a little with a hot cup of coffee before I drag myself out of my apartment to get a much needed haircut then off to meet a friend in greenpoint for lunch. The 6 train.. the L train.. the G train.. so many transfers.. so many reasons to cancel all of my plans and stay in bed all day long. I never understand why I agree to go out on days where putting on pants feels like the wrong thing to do.

img of choco the chiweenie laying on the couch

his expression match my expression. eye boogers and all.


 The sky is grey, the building are grey, the leftover snow is grey..  these are the days I should really incorporate some color into my wardrobe but I can’t help but grab my favorite grey sweater my mom got in Korea and put on my grey wool socks I got in iceland.  What can I say…  I love the whole monochromatic thing and I like my outfit to match the weather.  I walk out of my apartment, walk half a block toward the train and start getting hit in the face with icy rain.  Cancel taking the 6 train, hail a cab.

img of slate blue nails with gold stud art

Haircut at &hair lounge (my stylist is Ren)  goes smoothly, just two inches off the ends and a little side sweep bang.  I walk over the the L train on 3rd avenue, get off at Lorimer to transfer to the G on metropolitan ave and out of the subway station on nassau.  It’s cold, wet, dreary and I am an hour early in Greenpoint for my lunch date, so I go on Google maps in search of a coffee shop near by to kill some time (this is why I always carry my kindle with me).

I find a little coffee shop called Charlotte Pastisserie, order a cup of organic blueberry rooibos tea and an almond croissant and get comfy for an hour, listening to Alt J playing on their speaker.

img of tea and croissant at charloote patisserie

I get a text from MC that she’s at the restaurant so I pack my belongings and head out to meet her 2 blocks away.  Hour passes by quickly when you are sipping on tea and reading a good book (The Opposite of Loneliness by Marina Keegan).  I walk through the slushy sidewalks of Greenpoint and make my way to Five Leaves.  She’s been telling me for months about how they have the best burgers and truffle fries but I have bacon deficiency so I get a BLAT with a fried egg and a side salad instead.

img of blat at five leaves in brooklyn

There’s this really funny story behind Five Leaves, but it’s not my story to tell… I wish I could! maybe if there are enough people that asks MC to tell it, I will be able to. Anyway, we stayed there for a couple of hours, and we were sitting at the bar chatting away when I almost fell off of my stool and screamed into the ear of a patron  seated on the bar stool next to me (sorry about that!).  It was a lunch date filled with talks of future goals, life annoyances, vacation plans and a lot of laughter.

I feel that mondays have such a bad rep. I quite enjoy how the streets and normally packed restaurants are near empty. But then again… I guess I would hate it as as well if I had to work today.  Make the best of your mondays, everyone.  It’ll be over in just 24 hours!

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