I Love NY : 02.16.15

image of shadows on my wall


Don’t let all the sunshine and the panting dog fool you into thinking that it was a beautiful day outside.

It was 5 degrees today! 5 degrees! But it’s okay. I didn’t step outside of my cozy apartment ALL DAY and instead took advantage of this freezing weather to do some needed projects i have been neglecting. but seriously… look at these dogs… they look like they are in Miami working on their winter tan (I am slightly obsessed with my boys and Prince is equally obsessed with me so it’s normal and accepted around here).

img of panting choco the vicious chiweenieimg of belly up sleeping prince

I have been meaning to paint the white alcove wall to a chalkboard grey color and give my indoor plants some TLC. They outgrew their pots and looked pretty sad about it. My peace lily was all wilted and no amount of water made her happy since the soil had eroded and all the water would just drip out of the pot. I had 15 plants that needed resoiling so I had a lot of work ahead of me but first… I needed coffee and breakfast. I knew that the weather today wasn’t going to be fit for going out, so I brought home some pastries from Maison Kayser last night.

img of maison kayser pastries

img of morning nespresso espressoI love having fresh indoor plants and I only get plants that have a reputation for cleaning the air and are easy to take care of. the only fickle one is my money tree… one day it’s healthy with baby leaves sprouting everywhere, the next day, they leaves are yellow and wilted. but then again… if the money tree is a representation of my bank account, it makes perfect sense. I mean, look at my poor tree… there are dead leaves, the branches are leaning away from the sun and the tips of the leaves are yellow. I did book a weekend getaway to vegas for next month so maybe this is a bad sign… (I don’t gamble. I rather shop with that money. Las Vegas Premium Outlets, here I come!!) You can found out which plants clean the air here.

People always tell me that my apartment doesn’t smell despite having two dogs and constantly cooking. I am convinced that it’s because of my plants! I have a peace lily, bamboo, aloe vera, golden pothos and a whole lot of snake plants (mainly because they are nearly impossible to kill and they keep spawning new ones from the root).

img of re-soiling my indoor plantsimg of resoiling an aloe vera houseplant

After re-soiling and putting all of our books back on our alcove wall, I treated myself with a cup of coffee with Baileys and read some magazines to unwind. This is the trouble of having a Nespresso machine at home… you end up drinking double shots of espresso all day!!

img of michelle drinking coffee

I can’t wait for the weather to get about 40 degrees warmer so that I can go outside and play. I hope your winter is wonderful so far and keep warm until it’s over~!

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