I Love NY : 02.20.15

img of chocolate o tea from tea spot

it’s another FREEZING day here in NYC and I am thinking to myself, WHY DID I DECIDE TO GO OUTSIDE TODAY??!!??  but I hate canceling plans so I put my big girl Uniqlo Heattech tights, American Apparel Winter leggings, American Apparel thigh high knit socks, Uniqlo Heattech shirt, Gerard Darel heavy cable knit sweater dress, Unliqlo Heatech jacket and a knee length down coat. Layering everything from Uniqlo is the only way to get through this NY winters.  And seriously, I don’t know what I would do without my Gerard Darel sweater dress… it is so heavy and thick and warm.  I’m going to live in this until winter is over!

DSC_1684-2Last week, I  painted some dark gray accent walls and I wanted to add some color so I went to Pier 1 near Union Square and picked up some forsythia branches.  I loved these flowers growing up in South Korea.  These bright flowers on slender and long branches would bloom every spring so it’s nice to see them every day, especially when it’s so cold outside, to bring back the memories of those sunny days spent playing outside and chasing butterflies.

Ivette met me at Pier 1, half frozen, and we walked to Freeman’s for lunch. Freeman’s in LES, NYC came with really good recommendations.  Cute and cozy vibe that is perfect for this cold winter day with amazing food was what I was told.  We ordered the artichoke dip, escarole heart salad and the whole grilled trout because Ivette had a toothache and couldn’t eat anything that required too much chewing.  The food was okay and the entire serviced felt really rushed with the server asking if we were done with our food too many times.  The salad dressing was really salty and escarole leaves weren’t chopped, which was a bit annoying to eat (ugh.. you mean I have to cut my own salad with a fork and knife?).  It was overall a mediocre and unmemorable meal. I’ve heard their brunch is fantastic so maybe that’s really what they specialize in… maybe I’ll try going back for brunch, but mostly likely , I won’t.  There are just too many places that serve up magic on plates with great service and friendly staff for me to bother going back.

img of escarole heart salad at freemans

We went back to my apartment after lunch for our usual chit chat, brewed a pot of hot chocolate black tea from The Tea Spot (omg… I love this tea!!!)  I baked us some butter mochi cups.  Mochi, for those who are unfamiliar, is a snack made from sticky glutinous rice flour. Ivette loves chocolate so I made some Nutella Mochi (get the recipe here) to go with mochi snack.   Hot tea, fresh baked sweets and hanging out with friends (preferably at home), like, a MUST when it’s zero degrees out.   I hope you are keeping cozy where ever you are as well.  And if you are lucky enough to be somewhere sunny and warm, please send some warm energy my way!!  Til next time, ciao~!

image of nutella butter mochi cups

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