I Love NY : 02.21.15

img of frozen ice in east river at ferry dock murray hill, nyc
Damn, yo.  It’s cold outside.

When is this winter planning on ending?  It’s been so cold here in NYC that the East River has huge chunks of ice just chillin’ at the surface.  I like to go to the Glick Park, which is a tiny strip of green space on FDR Drive that overlooks the East River and with a great view of Long Island City in Queens, and read for a bit in the sun, but not today with all this wind, snow and fog!  I decided to walk by anyway and I’m sure glad that I did because I saw a side of NYC that I haven’t previously experienced.  The East River looked like a scene out of some Hollywood end of the world film!

img of fr ozen ice in east river at ferry dock murray hill, nycimg of frozen ice in east river at ferry dock murray hill, nyc

I usually only come near the water when the weather is nice so it’s quite rare to see this area free of tourists because it’s right next to the East River Ferry that takes you from Manhattan to Williamsburg in 6 minutes for just $4. The untouched benches at Glick Park looked so serene and tried to enjoy the peace and quiet as long as I could but it’s hard to find things to enjoy when you are getting hit in the face with icy flurries.

img of snow covered benches at glick park, nyc

I’m so glad that I decided to take my Mooshi camera bag out today… my other purses would have gotten DESTROYED in this weather.  Every girl should have at least one bag that you don’t have to worry about taking out into the blizzard.  I mean, I know I could just stay home when the weather is this bad, but… a girl’s gotta eat and it’s saturday.  I take my saturday brunch seriously. Just kidding… I just get such bad cabin fever so I usually brave the weather and go eat something delicious on at least one of my days off.

img of mooshi leather design bag from etsy at glick park nyc

We decided to go to Supper Restaurant  in the East Village.  We absolutely love this place, with their open kitchen, good food and cozy environment.  We always sit at the bar during the winter because you get all the heat radiating from the kitchen and warms you up real quick.  Plus we love to watch the cooks work their magic.


I love to talk about how dang cold New York is during the winter but I do admit that even though snow can be really annoying, it adds beauty to the city.  Well, for the first couple hours before everything turns into tar gray slush, anyway.  I do enjoy the sound of the crunch when walking on fresh powder and seeing the bare naked trees blanketed in their white sweaters.  Besides, we wouldn’t enjoy the spring time if we didn’t have the bitter winters right?  Enjoy the present moment, no matter how bleak the sky may be.  The sun will return tomorrow, according to the Yahoo weather app!

img of snow covered tree in st. vartan's park in murray hill, nyc

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