I Love NY : 02.28.15

On saturday, as I was going through  the pictures I took when I first moved to New York in June 2011 and thought to myself:

Gosh… I really sucked at taking pictures!

Not  that I am great at it now by any means, but I can clearly tell that I was just shooting things without a purpose.  I still don’t know why I shoot the things I do at times, the little things that catch my eye, something I want to remember for what ever reasons, but I didn’t even attempt to frame it properly back then.  Hopefully the shameful composition of these pictures will motivate me to try a little harder, pay attention a little more and improve the art of photography during my future adventures.

Since I was thinking about going to Prospect Park today, I decided to take a trip down memory lane of the days when I first moved to Lefferts Garden in Brooklyn, where I was just 5 minutes away from the park.

It was to this day, the most fun my dogs had living in New York.

 I remember the first day I took my dogs to the park, they were just running around, so happy to be free on the grass.  Choco thought all the thick green algae floating on the lake was grass and ran straight into the water.  He was freaking out!  He was so confused and didn’t know which way to go to get out.  I practically had to jump in there to fish him out of there because he was so disoriented with the shock of suddenly being in the water.  He never made the same mistake again.

I’m really glad that Lefferts Garden was my first neighborhood when I moved here.  There I learned that New York has more to offer than skyscrapers and coffee shops. I thoroughly enjoyed being just a few minutes away from this beautiful park without the Park Slope crowds.  I often had an entire area to myself where I could peacefully read for hours until the sun was setting and the fireflies came out to play.  I haven’t been back to Prospect Park since I moved out of Brooklyn 3 years ago, but seeing these pictures really makes me want to go back.  I think I will go back as soon as it’s warmer outside and take better pictures to add to my memory bank.

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