I Love NY : 03.02.15

another snowy winter day in manhattan 4
I love you , New York, but I just CANNOT deal with another day of your cold winter day.

and granted, today is not TOO bad… it’s mid 30s and sunny, but it snowed quite heavily yesterday and the sidewalks are wet and the curves are slushy.  Going out would be risking getting splashed with dirty gray slush soaked through and through with tar and dog urine (some of it are my babies’, of course.  Taking the little beasts out for their morning potty break was literally the only reason I put on pants today) as the cars drive past.  Everything I wear will undoubtably be covered in the same dirt no matter how carefully I walk, maneuvering around snow, melted and unmelted alike, jumping over mystery puddles, unknown to me the depth of it as it’s black as black can be.  I, with no difficulty, talked myself out of leaving my apartment for any reason what-so-ever and made my self a simple breakfast of over-easy eggs and avocado with truffle salt.

img of  egg and avocado with truffle salt breakfast

I am sure if I trek my way to Central Park or Prospect Park, I will have a chance to practice photography with all the clean white snow.  The whole black and white, but not shot in black and white, photos seem to be all the rage at the moment, but winter has been around long enough and I need some damn color in my life!  As neutral as my wardrobe tend to be, I LIKE color.  I like seeing bright obnoxious colors like yellows, oranges, reds and greens.  I love to be in it, surrounded by it, soaking in their bright happy energies in this grey city.  *sigh* How I dream of summers after all of the spring buds have bloomed, casting lush shadows on sidewalks by trees and their leaf covered branches.  I love to shoot flowers for this exact reason… I need to have an arsenal of bright colored images at my disposal to get me through these long dreary winters!

I had the pleasure of visiting Grounds for Sculpture in New Jersey a couple of years ago and revisited that warm sunny day while sitting on the sunny spot of my couch, while sipping on a cup of hot green tea.

Seeing pictures that are linked to pleasant memories of summer always help me feel a little better and they also remind me that there are beautiful things to look forward to!  I hope all the greenery helped to get you out of the winter funk if you are experiencing it like I am.  Spring is just around the corner, and we’ll be complaining about the heat before we know it.  Let’s enjoy the chill while we can~~!

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