I Love NY : 02.13.15

It’s friday the 13th! and it was like 5 degrees out.  That’s scary enough to be afraid to go out at all on this cursed friday, but… I did because I like to live dangerously.  Prince (the grumpy little chihuahua), on the other hand, hid under the throw and refused to step his little paws outside the apartment. smart puppy!

prince the grumpy chihuahua

We (friends) decided to meet at House of Small Wonders in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, for my belated bday lunch.  I just loooove looove love their sashimi zuke don.  And the place is just so cute and earthy.  There is a tree growing out in the middle of the restaurant!  I wish I took more pictures of the interior decor but… I didn’t. I’m usually too busy ordering food and talking to remember take pictures of things that are inedible.

img of sashimi zuke don at house of small wonders

After lunch, I decided to stop by Caprices by Sophie for some Eclairs.  My favorite flavors are chocolate vanilla and pistachio, but in the spirit of Valentines, I decided to get the strawberry one as well.

img for eclairs from caprices by sophie

I can’t believe it’s already half way though february… boy, how time flies!

Happy valentines day, everyone!  Regardless of what your relationship status may be, remember that you are loved!

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