Kite Surfing in O’ahu :: HAWAII

img of kitesurfer at Mokuleia Beach Park

Honolulu, Oahu is where I call home,  but there are many places I have yet to explore.  The best part of my trips back home are finding new hidden beaches that makes me fall in love with the beautiful island I left behind.  Simon and I had just finished our hike at Kaʻena Point trail and decided to drive toward North Shore to grab a bite to eat when we came across Mokuleia Beach Park.

img of mokuleia beach park

There, we were greeted with kite surfers, some setting up their gear and others walking toward the walk way between the bushes toward the beach. Simon’s been wanting to see some surfers in action but I am allergic to large crowds (it was the week of Vans Triple Crown of Surfing contests) so it was a very happy win win discovery.

img of kite surfer at mokuleia beach park, hawaii

We sat on the beach and watched the kite surfers riding the waves, going where the wind takes them. Watching surfers do what they love is really a captivating sight.  The ocean can be a scary place with unpredictable currents (well, to the non-surfers anyway), sea creatures lurking beneath the ocean surface and sharp reefs that make the ocean terrain rocky and uneven.  To see people who overcome this fear that most of us have and be one with nature, learning to be in harmony with the ocean and creating a bond that brings joy into their lives is really quite inspiring.  It’s days like this I wonder why I live in a concrete jungle and NOT be spending my days feeling peaceful and playing in the sand.

img of michelle yamada at mokuleia beach park

We didn’t take too many pictures since we were enjoying the moment ourselves, but I did find this stunning video filmed in Hawaii of kite surfers.  They captured Hawaii so beautifully that I could watch it over and over again.  It’s a long video, but if you watch it in entirety, you’ll see many moments that sums up the beauty that is Hawai’i.


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