A Few Days In Reykjavik : Part II :: ICELAND

image of me sitting on rocks taking pictiures of the water

(Heart in Line by Toggi, a Iceland based muscian)

I had been in Reykjavik for three days already but I wasn’t able to see the city without the guide of street lamps and the neon business signs.  Our excursions started early and by the time we got back to our hotel, the Nordic night has already made it’s appearance.   Lucky for us, our flight back home was canceled because Mother Nature decided that Reykjavik deserved to be seen in daylight for me to appreciate all it’s beauty and glory by threatening our home in NYC with a record breaking blizzard.

We were walking down Laugavegur Road to get some breakfast at Sandholt Bakery when we noticed a glowing body of water to the right of us.  We decided to walk towards it after our getting some caffeine in us and ended up right on Sæbraut (a local road that is a part of a national highway, Route 41).


To my delight, we had accidentally stumbled upon the Sólfar (The Sun Voyager) sculpture, which was posted over looking the sea and within walking distance of the Harpa concert hall!  We had seen Harpa last night while we were in a cab going to Fish Market for dinner, and we remembered that the famous hot dog stand, Bæjarins Beztu, was near by.  The BF was so excited to be able try it once we found the little stand.



Three hot dogs later, we continued our journey, turning left or right onto any streets that caught our fancy.  We ended up on one street where we caught an intoxicating scent of pure deliciousness and I KNEW it was an Asian noodle shop before I even saw the sign (but I’ll have to save this story for another post because this bowl of heaven deserves a post of its own).  Just beyond the noodle shop, we saw a building that was so familiar to us because we have been seeing it on a postcard in every souvenir shop we walked into.  Right in front of us was the Hallgrímskirkja!




image of the organ in Hallgrimskirkja in reykjavik, iceland\

image of the Hallgrimskirkja in reykjavik iceland


Seriously… How lucky were we to find 5 of the top attractions (yes… that bowl of noodle should be a top attraction. It’s that good!) of Reykjavik without even planning on it?  And to make the day even better, an organist came out and started playing this beautiful piece of music.

image of the organist in Hallgrimskirkja, rekjavik, iceland

BTW… I really love my Icelandic wool socks I got here for 2o bucks.  I feel like my little feet should have been so cold, but I felt like my toes were getting cuddles from fuzzy teddy bears all day.  I wish that I was able to get more of their wool products, but everything felt so itchy on my sensitive skin.  I really wanted this grey and white wool throw, but I knew I could never use it, so I took a picture of it instead.


Speaking of Icelandic wool… Sheep skins and reindeer pelts are everywhere in Iceland.  And when I say everywhere, I mean EVERYWHERE!  I was told by one of our guides that the only meats they have in Iceland are sheep and reindeer.  Beef, chicken and pork has to be imported in, so it makes sense that sheep skin rugs are so abundant here.

On our way back to the hotel, we came across this little cafe near a restaurant (Snaps: best mussels EVERwe went to a couple nights ago by a recommendation of our hotel concierge.  I had bookmarked this cafe but completely forgot about it until I saw the sign.  I was told that they had the best hot chocolate in Reykjavik so you know I had to try a mug!  and let me tell you, I was not lied to.




A cup of hot chocolate (the best damn hot chocolate in Reykjavik), cup of Icelandic coffee for The Bf and a scrumptious warm apple pie later, I was ready to go back to our hotel for a nap before our dinner at Hofnin.  Our extra day in Iceland was such a pleasure. All that was missing was checking off seeing the northern lights off the bucket list, but hey, at least it’ll give me an excuse to come back in the future!

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