Under the busy streets of Tokyo, there are underground malls with fantastic eateries, and inside one of the biggest subway hub, Tokyo Station, there is the Tokyo Ramen Station.  Simon is a huge fan of ramen while I am more of a soba girl. While I was researching the different ramen shops of Tokyo Ramen Street, which by the way, they claim to host eight of the best ramens in Tokyo, I was pleased to find that they had a ramen shop that specialized in vegetarian or vegan ramen with gluten-free options!  To those who are not familiar with Japan’s ramen culture, a  GOOD bowl of vegetarian ramen is almost impossible to find. I was so curious to find out whether Nippon was as good as they claim to be, so I ordered a bowl of their vegan bowl and added a soy-egg, which made it vegetarian.

Ordering is made simple. There is a ordering vending machine with pictures of the ramen so you just press the ramen you want then pay directly into the machine. You just give the ticket to the servers once you find a seat then they bring the ramen over to you.  They have all the condiment for your ramen as well as cold water and cups so it’s set up as a self serve which I think it’s great for visitors with limited knowledge of the language.  They even provide hair ties… so considerate!

The ramen itself was tasty, filled with different types of veggies and the noodles were nice and chewy.  And while I think Nippon is worth a visit for those specifically seeking vegetarian/vegan food, I think I will stick to my soba shops instead.

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